A Life of Dignity is a Short Course that sparks a renewal of our theological imagination about poverty and how we respond.

Join us as we sit down with world renown biblical scholar, Walter Brueggemann, as he challenges our frameworks about what the Bible says about poverty, justice, and the world the Gospel envisions. Then receive guidance and content on how to lead this change in your own congregation.


Inspiring Teaching

This Short Course offers three dynamic session to inspire our hearts and minds to see Scripture in fresh ways.

Teaching Notes

This Short Course comes with materials to help you lead 6 weeks of study on the Bible and poverty in your congregation.

40 Days of Readings

As you carry these ideas into your church, we have 40 days of Scripture readings to invite personal reflection and engagement.

Scholarship for Our Times

Brueggemann is thoroughly versed in all the technicalities of Old Testament scholarship but always relates these to the issues to the issues of contemporary society. He evokes a consciousness and perception alternative to that of the dominant culture.

Richard Coggins, London

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Meet, Shawn, your host!

Dr. Shawn Duncan is the Director of The Lupton Center, and he will be your host for this Short Course. Not only is Shawn's interview with Walter Brueggemann featured here, but he will also walk you through some steps for leading a renewal of theological imagination in your own church.