Historic South Atlanta has a rich history dating back to the late 1800's. Rich in higher education, performing arts and community development. In 2000, residents and leadership of the South Atlanta Civic League approached FCS to invite us to apply our community development model to Historic South Atlanta. We humbly accepted their gracious offer to partner with the neighborhood to revitalize and transform Historic South Atlanta for almost 20 years.

Hi, Change-Maker! I'm Donell Woodson

I thrive preserving, restoring, and developing people, buildings, and places toward the Beloved Community as the cultural norm. We're excited to discover ways to do the same with you!

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Exceptional Housing

  • Produce 200 units since 2001
  • Effective tools to address affordable housing and produce thriving communities
  • Expert insight and practical applications in
  • Principles to diagnose health and care for individuals, programs, and communities

An Interactive Guide

Everything we've established together demonstrates that transformation is possible when we assume the posture of neighbor. We'll tour the rich history of our neighborhood with a spirited tour immersing into the legacy of Beloved Community.

Innovative Development

We use the term "mixed-income housing," but did you know we're passionate about mixed-income retail, too? We'll walk into Carver Neighborhood Market and you'll see tasty products at a variety of price points. It may seem simple, but it was a huge innovation when we came up with the model! Most grocery stores cater to only a certain income level.