Discover what you should measure and why with this interactive introduction to The SPIRE Assessment.

The Lupton Center knows that there are 5 essential factors that will determine whether or not our poverty alleviation efforts are going to leave a lasting impact. This Short Course introduces you to those factors and guides you through some interactive assessment exercises to see how well you are doing.


Diagnosis of Program Health
Diagnosis of Program Health

In this Short Course you will take a careful look at key health indicators. This will allow you to develop a clearer understanding where you are and what you can do to improve.

An Interactive Guide
An Interactive Guide

Included this 1-hour session is a Participant's Guide you can download and use as you follow along with the training. By the end of the session, you will have created your own program health score.

Mission Balance
Mission Balance

Too many organization are at a place of mission imbalance - there intent is not equal to their impact. This Short Course will help you see what is causing imbalance in your programs.

Taking a Deeper Look

The results of the assessment helped us to see more clearly how program participants experienced our engagement in the community. These findings helped us look deeper into the focus of our efforts and how they impacted those with whom we were serving. We emerged from this with clear objective on how to have greater impact in our mission.

-Mary, Atlanta, GA

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The SPIRE Assessment

A webinar on assessing health and effectiveness

Hi, I'm Shawn!

I am the Director of The Lupton Center, and I will be you guide in this Short Course on measuring program health. Taking leaders and organizations through our SPIRE Assessment is one of the things I love the most about our work. To see the clarity it provides and the way that is increases impact is always an amazing thing to witness. Thank you for joining me on this exploration of program health and effectiveness!