A Deep Dive into Economic Inequality in the Bible, and what Biblical Voices Say In Response

In this course, participants will be taking a close look at biblical views on and responses to material poverty. We will examine the nature of economic inequality in the biblical world and how that reality is addressed in Scripture.

You Will Learn

Participants will be thinking about:

  • Why do modern Bible readers overlook what Scripture has to say about poverty?
  • How is poverty defined in the Bible?
  • What are the causes of poverty in the ancient world and how do they compare to modern poverty?
  • What are biblical solutions to poverty?

Learn How Much of The Bible is About Poverty

What is the purpose and function of the Bible? Modern readers place an almost exclusive spiritual function on the Bible. In reality, poverty is one of the most important themes in the First Testament.

Individual Charity or Community Uplifting

The Bible invites modern readers to not just help individuals who are in need, but to labor and advocate for flourishing communities.

Learn from Experts

Join Dr. Ryan Bonfiglio from Candler School of Theology and Dr. Shawn Duncan from the Lupton Center as they lead this seminary quality course.

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