What to expect in this course

Greetings Change-Makers!

Seeking Shalom is a six-part series created by The Lupton Center to help us reimagine charity in ways that will transform lives and restore communities. Over the course of the next six sessions you will be introduced to two dozen thought leaders and practitioners who will help you to answer three very important questions.

  1. Why is the traditional paradigm for addressing material poverty not working?
  2. How does the Bible understand material poverty and our response to it?
  3. What are the foundational principles for a healthier and more effective paradigm?

As you journey through this series, there will be moments of inspiration, learning, and challenge. Remain open to how your heart, mind, and practices can be changed by what you discover here!

Please note that this online course and it's videos are only licensed for individual viewing. If you would like to experience Seeking Shalom with a group, please enroll in Seeking Shalom: The Small Group Experience.


Dr. Shawn Duncan

Director of The Lupton Center & Host of Seeking Shalom

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