Measuring Impact

This is not about a data tracking software we are selling for you to implement at your church or nonprofit. As important as these tools can be for understanding the breadth of your work, we are going to keep this conversation at a higher level.

We are approaching this conversation from a framework and principles level rather than a tactics and data management level.

We are going to talk about how we can develop a healthy understanding of what it means to assess impact, why we do it, and how to go about it well. Nonprofits use all kinds of numbers and systems to define and track success. Not all success metrics, however, actually point to health and effectiveness.

The Charity Impact Matrix

The two assessment areas we are doing to take a closer look at today is SOLUTIONS and INTEGRATION.


  • Benchmarks 
  • Levels of Solutions


  • Benchmarks 
  • Levels of Integration

Example Curriculum

  Assessing Impact
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