The Essential Unit To Thriving

Holistic Neighborhood Development (HND) emerged as a set of beliefs and practices that replaced transactional giving with mutuality and partnership.

It can be tough to decipher a strategic approach to holistic development.

FCS partners with under-resourced neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities.

We have come to understand that a neighborhood's flourishing consists of many pieces. Each one matters, but when interconnected, they can produce lasting change.


Whether in an urban neighborhood, a rural county, or a community in the developing world, our team will help you put to work the principles and practices of neighboring well in your place.


You will come away with a healthy understanding of how to see the inherent value and capacity we each have to pursue flourishing and thriving.


Where poverty alleviation tactics often fall short we will help you unlock a whole new vision for impact in your community.


FCS Open House Virtual

A dynamic 3 hour immersion into 43 years of the lived practice of place.

FCS welcomes leaders, innovators and practitioners from all over the country who come to learn about our model for holistic community development. 

We would love to share our story and strategies with you. Come and learn from our founder Dr. Bob Lupton, president Jim Wehner and executive director Katie Delp, along with various FCS neighbors and staff. Experience historic South Atlanta, the neighborhood where FCS is currently working.


Open House + Private Coaching Session

Regular Price - Open House and Private Session

You will receive access to watch our 2020 Virtual Open House + 1 Private Coaching Session with a member of the FCS leadership team.

Flourishing In Place

Proximity matters, Place matters, People matter...